10 Engaging Activities to Keep Your Dog Entertained on Rainy Days

Does your pup give you a “heck no” look when it’s raining outside? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with 10 exciting activities to keep your furry friend entertained on those rainy days. Even if your dog is afraid of messing up their fur, it’s important to provide them with mental and physical stimulation so they don’t resort to destructive behaviors. Let’s dive in and make rainy days as fun as possible for your pup!

1. Engage in Nose Work with Hide and Seek Games

Tap into your dog’s huntress instincts by playing hide and seek with treats. Create blanket forts, hide goodies in nooks and crannies, or even set up a ball pit. For the more advanced Sherlock Bones, consider investing in a scentwork kit for added fun and mental stimulation.

2. Visit Dog-Friendly Spots in Your Town

Don’t let the rain keep you cooped up at home! Explore the dog-friendly breweries, restaurants, boutiques, and bookstores in your town. It’s a great opportunity for your furry friend to practice their tricks in public while having a blast.

3. Let Doggo Chase Bubbles

Most dogs are captivated by bubbles, especially when they learn they can pop them too! Get some dog-friendly bubbles in flavors like peanut butter or bacon for extra excitement. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to capture adorable photos for your pupfluencer account.

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4. Stimulate Their Brains with Puzzle Toys

Keep boredom at bay with puzzle toys that challenge your dog’s mind. They provide entertainment, mental stimulation, and prevent them from getting into trouble. If you don’t have one handy, create a DIY version by placing treats in a muffin tin and covering them with tennis balls.

5. Arrange an Indoor Play Date

If your dog is a social butterfly, invite their best pal over for an indoor play date. Set up puzzle toys, old towels for tug-of-war, and create an obstacle course using boxes. Just make sure both dogs are comfortable sharing resources before introducing valuable toys. If things get rowdy, consider using gates to protect valuable or breakable items.

6. Create an At-Home Agility Course

Harness your dog’s zoomies and channel their energy into an at-home agility course. Get creative with items you already have at home, such as cardboard boxes, hula hoops, pillows, brooms, and chairs. Anything your dog can jump, burrow, weave, or climb through can be part of the obstacle course.

7. Play Indoor Games like Tug-of-War, Fetch, or Soccer

Rainy days call for indoor games! Engage in a spirited game of tug-of-war, indoor fetch, or even a soccer match if you have a spare human buddy nearby. To add some variety, try playing “fetch soccer” with multiple tennis balls or enjoy a game of soccer using a JW Pet Hol-ee Roller.

8. Pamper Your Pup with a Spaw Day

Make bath time a luxurious experience for your furry friend with special pampering products. Treat them to a facial, pawdicure, and freshening up their toofers with a DIY toothpaste. After this spa-like treatment, your dog may just give you a grateful “aroooo” if they could.

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9. Teach Your Dog New Tricks

Rainy days provide the perfect opportunity to teach your dog new tricks or reinforce basic commands. Explore dog-trick training books or watch instructional videos for inspiration. Who knows, your dog might end up fetching the remote or your slippers!

10. Capture Picture-Perfect Moments

Take advantage of the indoor setting and spend some time creating the perfect backdrop for your pup’s photoshoot. Let them try on all those outfits they’ve been waiting to show off and snap some action shots of them navigating the obstacle course, playing with puzzle toys, or sniffing out treats. Share these adorable moments on Insta and watch the likes pour in!

Bonus: Embrace the Rain and Venture Outside!

Who says staying inside is the only option? Some dogs are born to be wild, wet, and smelly! If you’re brave enough to venture outside, invest in a rain jacket and waterproof booties for your furry friend. Keep a towel and paw cleaner by the door to minimize the mess before your dog zoomies on your carpet or cozies up on the couch.

Remember, rainy days don’t have to be boring for your pup. With these engaging activities, you can turn them into opportunities for fun, bonding, and mental stimulation. So the next time it rains, grab your dog’s favorite toy, put on your creative hat, and make it a day to remember!

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