The Best Cat Collar Cameras to Capture Your Fur Baby’s Adventures

The Best Cat Collar Cameras to Capture Your Fur Baby’s Adventures

Cat collar cameras are a must-have device for all pet owners. They offer a unique and exciting perspective on your furry friend’s daily adventures. Just think about the viral TikTok videos that showcase cats and dogs exploring the world through their own eyes. With a cat collar camera, you can capture these incredible moments and share them with the world.

Here, we have curated a list of the top five best cat collar cameras that we have personally tested. Our reviews are based on several factors, including size and weight, image and video quality, battery life, and storage capacity.

Mr. Petcam Pet Collar Camera for Cats

Our top choice is the Mr. Petcam Pet Collar Camera for Cats. This compact camera features high-definition image and video resolution, making it perfect for capturing your pet’s adventures. It is specifically designed for cats and dogs, ensuring a comfortable fit and optimal performance.

Setting up the Mr. Petcam is a breeze, and recording videos is simple. The camera records in AVI format, which is supported by most video applications today. When we tried it on our cat, we were amazed by the quality of the recordings. The camera is so versatile that you can even use it for home security or baby monitoring.

Wireless Cat Collar Camera

The Wireless Cat Collar Camera is another innovative choice. It allows you to connect the camera to a mobile app called MyCam, providing a seamless user experience. While the video recording capability is excellent, the image and video quality doesn’t quite match up to the Mr. Petcam. The timing record feature, however, is a great addition, allowing you to schedule automatic recordings.

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Please note that the Wireless Cat Collar Camera may not be suitable for small dogs and cats due to its weight. We recommend trying different collars to ensure a proper fit.

GoPro Hero 9

GoPro Hero 9 is the most recommended cat collar camera with countless online reviews. This versatile adventure camera offers superior image and video quality, as well as impressive battery life and storage capacity. However, it is important to note that the GoPro Hero 9 is not ideal for small dogs and cats, as it is too heavy for their collars. It is better suited for large dogs with a special GoPro harness.

While we highly recommend the GoPro Hero 9 for personal use, we don’t consider it pet-friendly due to its size and weight.

Uncle Milton Pet’s Eye View Camera

If you’re on a budget, the Uncle Milton Pet’s Eye View Camera is a great option. This simple and affordable collar camera offers basic features and is easy to operate. However, we found that some cats may find it uncomfortable and attempt to remove it. It works better for dogs in our experience. The video resolution, although average, is still enjoyable.

We suggest using the Uncle Milton Pet’s Eye View Camera for monitoring purposes rather than as a cat collar camera.

Rettru Smallest WiFi Spy IP Camera With Collar Attachment

The Rettru WiFi Spy Camera stands out for its extreme compactness. Its small size allows for easy attachment to your cat’s collar, and the night vision mode ensures clear recordings in low light settings. However, we do not recommend using it as a collar camera for pets due to its tiny size. There’s a risk that your cat might accidentally swallow it. Nevertheless, it can be used for other purposes beyond pet monitoring.

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Pet Collar Camera Buyer’s Guide

If you’re unsure about which cat collar camera to choose, here are some factors to consider:


Choose a camera that is long-lasting and can withstand your pet’s activities. Read reviews and compare different models before making a purchase.


Consider your budget when selecting a collar camera. Compare prices and specifications to ensure you get the best value for your money.


The collar camera should be lightweight and comfortable for your cat to wear. Avoid bulky and heavy options that might cause discomfort.


Different collar cameras offer various features. Look for a minimum resolution of 720p or higher, consider the size and weight of the camera, and check if it has wifi connectivity or other smart features.

In conclusion, among the five cat collar cameras we reviewed, the Mr. Petcam Pet Collar Camera for Cats remains our top choice. It provides the ideal solution for capturing your pet’s adventures from their point of view. So, why wait? Visit Karen’s Kollars and get your furry friend a collar camera today!