Warning! Beware of Unsafe Pet Collars: The Story of Louise’s Narrow Escape


In a heart-wrenching incident in Norfolk, a brave stray cat named Louise narrowly escaped having her leg amputated due to an unsafe collar. This cautionary tale serves as a reminder for all cat owners to be vigilant and avoid dangerous pet collars that can cause serious injuries.

black-and-white cat with yellow eyes
Image: Louise the cat is recovering from her ordeal

The Disturbing Discovery

During the winter months, concerned residents in the Wisbech area noticed a cat limping for several weeks. Unfortunately, nobody could lure her close enough to inspect her condition. It wasn’t until locals were finally able to get a closer look that they discovered the painful truth.

The Plea for Help

Alarmed by the cat’s limping and severe injuries, residents shared photos on a local Facebook group, desperately seeking assistance. When their pleas went unanswered, someone reached out to Cats Protection for help.

The Heroic Rescue

After ensuring that they could safely catch the cat within COVID-19 guidelines, Cats Protection swiftly sprang into action. Using a humane trap baited with smelly sardines and tuna, they successfully captured the cat, now affectionately known as Louise.

pink wound on armpit of black-and-white cat
Image: Louise’s nasty wound on her armpit, caused by her collar

The Severity of Louise’s Injuries

Louise’s injuries were extensive. Her front leg had become entangled in her collar, resulting in deep wounds in her armpit that had become severely infected. Vets acted swiftly to remove the collar and provide pain relief, but the road to recovery would be challenging. Louise also suffered from ear mites, a tick, muscle damage, and swelling in her joints and limbs. This poor cat had endured months of discomfort and pain.

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A Costly Road to Healing

Louise’s veterinary bills have already exceeded £1,300, and Cats Protection finds itself in a difficult fundraising year. They are appealing for donations to support Louise’s care, and any surplus funds will be allocated to other cats in need.

black-and-white cat
Image: Once she is fully recovered, Louise will be ready to find a new home

A Wake-Up Call for Cat Owners

Sarah Elliott, Cats Protection’s Central Veterinary Officer, emphasizes the dangers of collars for our feline friends. Cats may become trapped while playing, hunting, or trying to escape from danger. Elasticated or ill-fitting collars can cause serious injuries, with legs getting caught underneath or collars tightening around their bodies, resulting in painful open wounds.

Cats Protection strongly advocates for the identification of all owned cats, suggesting the use of implanted microchips as the preferred method. If a collar is used, it should be a “quick release” or snap-opening collar, rather than an elasticated one. This ensures that the cat will not become trapped or tangled, reducing the risk of injury or even death.

Choosing Safety and Comfort

Proper fit is also crucial when selecting a collar for your cat. There should be enough room for two fingers to fit snugly underneath, ensuring both safety and comfort. Damaged collars should be replaced immediately to prevent further harm.

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Let Louise’s story serve as a poignant reminder to prioritize the well-being of our beloved feline companions. With our care and attention, we can ensure their safety and protect them from the dangers that lurk in even the most seemingly innocent of accessories.

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