The Best Cat GPS Trackers for Your Feline Friends in 2024

The Best Cat GPS Trackers for Your Feline Friends in 2024

Having a furry friend that occasionally wanders off can be a cause for concern. Cats, in particular, are known for their curious nature and ability to find hidden spots. But worry no more! The latest cat GPS trackers are designed to keep tabs on your feline friend and ensure their safety. With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you and your cat. That’s why we’ve tested over 26 devices and compiled a list of the 10 best GPS cat collars for 2024.

Our Top Picks

  • Top Pick: Tractive Cat GPS Tracker & Collar

The Tractive Cat GPS Tracker & Collar is our top pick for several reasons. It’s the #1 cat GPS tracker in the industry and offers exceptional quality. This lightweight and waterproof tracker can be easily attached to any cat collar. With features like geofence technology and real-time location updates, you can rest easy knowing your cat is safe. The Tractive cat tracker also offers affordable subscription plans, starting at $13/month. Shop now

  • Runner Up: Cat Tailer Tracker

    The Cat Tailer Tracker is a reliable solution for finding your cat. This Bluetooth waterproof cat tracker can be attached to your cat’s favorite collar. While it doesn’t provide exact location information like GPS trackers, it helps you find your cat within a certain range. The Cat Tailer app notifies you when your cat is nearby, making it easier to locate them. Shop now

  • Best Indoor Tracker: Tile Bluetooth Cat Location Tracker

    If your cat spends most of their time indoors, the Tile Bluetooth Cat Location Tracker is a great option. While not a GPS tracker, the Tile tracker uses Bluetooth technology to keep track of your cat within a range of 200-300 feet. It’s perfect for monitoring your cat’s whereabouts at home. Shop now

  • Best For Recall: Weenect GPS Device for Cats (2nd edition)

    The Weenect GPS Device for Cats is ideal for cat owners who want real-time tracking. With its GPS module and SIM card, you can easily locate your cat using a smartphone app. The Weenect Cats 2 also features a training module that helps you call your cat home for meals. It’s a great option for added safety and peace of mind. Shop now

  • Best For Multiple Cats: Tabcat Cat Tracker (Version 2)

    The Tabcat Cat Tracker is perfect for cat owners with multiple cats. This small and lightweight tracker easily attaches to any cat collar. With the Tabcat tracking device, you can quickly locate your furry friends using dual directional technology. It’s reliable and accurate, with a range of up to 500 feet. Shop now

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Best Multi-Use: Cube Pro Bluetooth Tracker

Cube Pro Bluetooth Tracker

The Cube Pro Bluetooth Tracker is not just a cat tracker but a versatile device that can be attached to anything you want to find. With the Cube Tracker app, you can ring your Cube and locate your cat when it’s nearby. For longer distances, the app shows the last known location on a map. Cube Pro also has a “Crowd Find” feature that enlists the help of the community to locate your pet. Shop now

Best For Wandering Cats: Girafus Pro-track-tor Cat Tracker

Girafus Pro-track-tor Cat Tracker

The Girafus Pro-track-tor Cat Tracker is designed specifically for cats that tend to wander. It uses radio frequency signals to locate your cat, even in narrow areas where GPS trackers may not work. The handheld receiver provides direction and distance information, making it easy to find your furry friend. With a range of up to 500 meters, you can track your cat anywhere. Shop now

Best Multi-Functional: Whistle Tagg GPS Tracker with Cat Collar Attachment

The Whistle Tagg GPS Tracker is a combination of a tracking device and an activity monitor. It uses advanced GPS technology to locate your cat and provides real-time updates via an interactive map. Additionally, the activity tracking feature allows you to monitor your cat’s exercise levels. With Whistle, you can ensure your cat’s safety and well-being. Shop now

Smallest Tracker: Pod 3 GPS Cat Tracker and Activity Monitor

Pod 3 GPS Cat Tracker

The Pod 3 GPS Cat Tracker is a small and discreet device that offers multiple tracking technologies. With GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular capabilities, you can track your cat’s location both indoors and outdoors. The Pod 3 also works as an activity monitor, keeping you informed about your cat’s daily activities. It’s a reliable and versatile option. Shop now

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Budget Pick: Pawscout Smarter Cat Tag

The Pawscout Smarter Cat Tag is a budget-friendly option for cat owners. While it doesn’t provide exact location information, it allows you to track your cat within a range of 300 feet. It also includes features like lost pet alerts and an outdoor virtual leash. Pawscout is a cost-effective solution for keeping tabs on your cat. Shop now

These are our top picks for the best cat GPS trackers in 2024. Each tracker offers unique features to suit different needs. Whether you want real-time tracking, indoor monitoring, or a versatile device, there’s a cat GPS tracker for you. Choose the one that fits your requirements and enjoy peace of mind knowing your cat is safe. Shop now