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Paying via PayPal

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Pay for your collar with PayPal from (almost) anywhere in the world!

Anywhere PayPal is available, you can pay for your collars by cash or credit card!

By using PayPal, International customers can enjoy the convenience of automatic currency exchange rate conversions. Because this is also a great convenience for Karen, she does not charge any additional fee for international customers using PayPal.

Within the USA, please add $2 if you pay via PayPal. Karen keeps her collar prices as low as she can, and honestly cannot afford to absorb the $2 (average) fee PayPal charges for each transaction. Karen only earns about one-third of the cost of each collar. The other two-thirds goes for taxes, materials, and other buseiness expenses (phone, sewing machine maintenance, postage, etc.).

How to order using PayPal

  1. Pick out the collar(s) you want, and determine the price.
    • Even if you email your order to Karen, we suggest that you first print an order form and fill it out. This will help you review the order, and will help you calculate the correct price.

  2. When you are ready to place your order, you may either mail it or email it.
    • There are times when mailing your order will be faster than emailing it. Karen doesn't use the computer, so we have no way to check email when Hal is away on business travel. Hal's trips average 3-4 days each, but occasionally are much longer.
    • You can pay via PayPal even if you mail your order to Karen.

  3. To pay for your order with PayPal, simply click on the "PayPal Verified" logo at the top of the page to go to the PayPal web site. If you are a PayPal member, just login in to make your payment. If you haven't joined PayPal yet, it's easy to do, and they provide easy-to-follow instructions.

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