Karen's Kollars Retail Price List for
Greyhounds and All Other Breeds
Except Italian Greyhounds

Prices include shipping within the USA.
See international procedures for shipping charges outside the USA.
Import duties taxes imposed by foreign countries are not included in these prices, and are the responsibility of the purchaser.

  Base Prices (except for Italian Greyhounds)
Dogs with Head and Neck Measurements 17" or Less
For orders in the USA, add $3 if paying via PayPal.
Orders using free collar certificates do not qualify for quantity discounts.
Quantity Total Base Price[1] per collar
  Ultrasuede Ultraleather Leather Premium Leather
1 $65 $68 $70 $85
2 or more  $59  $62  $64 $79
[1] The discounted ("2 or more") price applies only when ordering more than one collar at the same time to be mailed to the same address. The discounted price applies when mixing collars of different types, such as Ultrasuede and leather. When ordering 2 or more collars both collars are at the discounted price. For example, if ordering 2 Ultrasuede collars, the base price would be $59 each.
Large Dogs: Collars for extra large dogs involve significantly more labor and materials.
Add $6 per collar for dogs with a head or neck measurement larger than 17"
Add $12 per collar for dogs with a head or neck measurement larger than 20"
Solid Brass D-rings:  (standard on premium leather collars)
When ordering 2 or more collars at the same time, brass D-rings are FREE.
Add $4 for solid brass in a standard 3/4" size (same size as the standard nickel & brass-plated D-rings)
Add $5 for solid brass in a larger 1" size
Add $5 for solid brass in mixed sizes (3/4" side D-rings, 1" D-ring where the leash attaches)
Some specialty trims have a small extra charge as noted in the trims pages.

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