Aviva Launches New Pet Insurance: Peace of Mind for UK Pet Owners

Are you a proud pet owner in the UK? Then you’ll be delighted to know that Aviva, one of the country’s leading insurers, has just launched a brand new pet insurance policy. With three levels of cover and protection, this insurance is designed to give you peace of mind and security for the health of your beloved furry friend.

Tailored Protection for Your Pet

Aviva’s new pet insurance policy offers three levels of cover: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. This means you can choose the right policy to suit your pet’s specific needs. Whether you have a dog or a cat, Aviva has you covered.

Comprehensive Coverage

Within the three tiers of policies, Aviva ensures that all the essential scenarios are covered. This includes veterinary fees, third-party liability, cremation/burial costs, behavioral problems, overseas travel protection, and even death from illness or accident (available in the Gold and Platinum covers). With Aviva, you can rest easy knowing that your pet’s health is safeguarded.

Extra Support and Services

Aviva goes above and beyond by providing support helplines, such as 24-hour bereavement counseling, 24-hour pet legal advice, and healthcare away from home. As a policyholder, you also have access to a pet minder service, which helps you locate a nationally registered Dog Minder to care for your furry friend when you need it.

Choosing the Right Level of Coverage

Aviva’s pet insurance policy has three tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Let’s take a closer look at each level:

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The Silver policy offers cover for veterinary fees, pets taken ill abroad, third-party liability, cremation/burial costs, and behavioral problems. This level provides essential protection for your pet’s well-being.


The Gold policy offers everything included in the Silver cover, plus additional benefits. These benefits include coverage for the cost to recover stolen or straying pets, kennel fees if the policyholder is hospitalized, £1,000 holiday cancellation in the event of a pet-related illness, and death from illness or accident.


The Platinum policy is the top-tier pet insurance offered by Aviva. It provides increased limits compared to the Gold policy for death from illness, death from accident, recovery costs, and theft. Additionally, there are higher limits for cancellation and veterinary fees, including up to £2,000 for holiday cancellation and up to £6,500 per year for veterinary fees.

Peace of Mind for You and Your Pet

Wayne Ewing, the marketing and product manager at Aviva, understands the importance of having the right care for your pet without facing unexpected bills. With Aviva’s pet insurance, you can have peace of mind, knowing that you and your furry companion are protected. The three different levels of coverage, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, allow you to choose the insurance that best fits your pet’s needs and your budget.

To find out more about Aviva’s pet insurance and to get the protection your pet deserves, visit Karen’s Kollars.