Introducing the Unstoppable 2-Inch Blackout Tactical Dog Collar

Introducing the Unstoppable 2-Inch Blackout Tactical Dog Collar

Are you ready to take your furry friend’s style and safety to the next level? Look no further than the 2-Inch Blackout Tactical Dog Collar with Handle from “Karen’s Kollars.” This impressive collar is the ultimate power player, combining strength, functionality, and modern design to meet all your needs.

A Collar Built to Last

Designed for both indoor and outdoor activities, this collar is a true game-changer. Its sleek and stylish appearance is just the beginning. The 2-Inch Blackout Tactical Dog Collar with Handle offers more than meets the eye. With its built-in handle, it’s the perfect choice for protection training, service dogs, or any handler seeking improved grip and control.

Unparalleled Control and Peace of Mind

Our team spared no expense in sourcing the finest components for this collar. Crafted for ultimate durability, it’s ready to withstand the toughest challenges. Whether you’re embarking on rigorous patrol hours, conquering a rugged hike, or enjoying evenings at the dog park, this collar can handle it all.

Cutting-Edge Features

The collar features our specially crafted cobra style clip, ensuring easy and secure release. Rest assured that our combat clips have undergone extensive pressure testing, providing you with the peace of mind you need when walking your four-legged companion. To open the clip, simply press both levers simultaneously, eliminating accidental opening and guaranteeing your dog’s safety.

The D Ring, made from high-grade stainless steel, is welded for maximum strength and coated in black for added style. Its placement on the collar makes it easily accessible for a more ergonomic design. Positioned beneath the handle, the D-Ring allows for hassle-free leash attachment, sitting comfortably near the top of your dog’s neck.

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Functionality Refined

This collar boasts another unique feature: a velcro fixing point located beneath the handle. This smart design element secures the D-Ring in place when not in use, preventing it from flipping around and keeping it out of the way. You can trust that this collar is built to withstand the test of time, as it is made from military-grade webbing and held together with a high-strength bar-tack stitch pattern commonly used in skydiving and rock-climbing equipment.

Size Options

The 2-Inch Blackout Tactical Dog Collar with Handle is available in two sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your furry companion:

  • Medium: Neck Size 38cm-48cm
  • Large: Neck Size 46cm-56cm

How to Measure Your Dog’s Neck Size

To ensure the right fit for your dog, you can measure their neck using a soft measuring tape or a string. If you are using an existing collar as a reference, please exclude the male connector that meets the female component of the buckle when measuring.

With the 2-Inch Blackout Tactical Dog Collar with Handle, you can provide your loyal companion with unmatched style, control, and safety. Upgrade your dog’s collar game today and embark on new adventures together!

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