The Untold Risks of Dog Collars

The Untold Risks of Dog Collars

When it comes to our furry friends, we want to do everything we can to keep them safe. That’s why it’s essential for dogs to wear collars with identification tags. But did you know that wearing a collar can sometimes be dangerous for your pup?

A Shocking Personal Experience

I used to be a firm believer that dogs should always wear collars, until one day, something terrifying happened. My dog’s ID tag got caught in the wires of his crate. It was a heart-stopping moment. Thankfully, we were home and able to free him, but it made me realize that dog collar accidents are more common than we think.

Unveiling the Truth

Research revealed that dogs often get their collars caught in various objects, and unfortunately, some have even lost their lives due to strangulation. Large pet retail companies have responded by creating break-away collars to prevent such incidents. This is a clear indication that dog collar accidents are a genuine concern.

Real-Life Incidents

As a dog trainer, I’ve had numerous conversations with clients about their dogs, and it’s astonishing how many have experienced collar-related accidents. Roughly 15% of my clients have had incidents where their dogs’ collars got caught on the wires of crates, fences, furniture, and even during playtime with other dogs.

I vividly remember the first time I heard about a dog being accidentally strangled by a collar. Two playful dogs were wearing collars when one dog tugged on the other’s collar. In a panic, the tangled dog started pulling away, causing the other dog’s collar to tighten around his neck. It was an alarming situation that fortunately ended well thanks to the intervention of a nearby person with a pocket knife.

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Strict Collar Policies

Many pet-related businesses have implemented strict rules regarding collar removal in certain situations. As a former veterinary technician, I had to remove all collars from kenneled patients, even during their hospital stay. Large retail grooming chains also have policies that require collars to be removed before dogs are placed in their kennels. Failure to follow these policies has led to the termination of many grooming employees. Clearly, there is a recurring pattern of collar accidents.

Ensuring Your Dog’s Safety

To mitigate the risks, it’s advisable to only let your dog wear a collar under supervision. This means removing the collar when your dog is crated, playing with other dogs, or left unsupervised at home. It may seem inconvenient, but the safety of your furry friend should always come first.

The Break-Away Solution

If you’re uncomfortable with your dog running collarless, there are break-away collars available in the market. These collars are designed to look and feel like regular flat buckle collars but have a safety mechanism that unsnaps and releases your dog when it gets snagged on something.

Over the years, break-away collars have significantly improved. They are no longer as sensitive as they used to be, making them a great safety option. Most break-away collars have two D-rings that can be used during leash walks, disabling the break-away feature. Once the leash is removed, the break-away option is activated again.

The Power of Microchips

While collars and ID tags are valuable, they are not foolproof. Collars can be taken off, and tags can be lost. That’s why microchipping your dog is crucial. A microchip is a permanent identification under your dog’s skin that cannot be removed. It provides an extra layer of security in case your dog goes missing.

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Share Your Story

Have you ever experienced a scary dog collar accident? Share your story with us below. Together, we can learn from each other and keep our furry friends safe.

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Remember, the well-being of our beloved pets should always be our top priority. For high-quality and safe dog collars, visit Karen’s Kollars. Stay vigilant, think about your dog’s safety, and let’s make sure they stay out of harm’s way.