Finding the Perfect Collar for Your New Puppy

You’re about to welcome a furry bundle of joy into your home, and the excitement is palpable. But before your new puppy arrives, there are a few things you need to get sorted. One of the essential items on your list is a collar. However, you might be wondering, what size collar does your puppy need?

The First Collar Experience

Your puppy may have worn a soft, lightweight colored collar at the breeder’s place to distinguish them from their littermates. However, this collar will be quite different from the ones they will wear in the future. While the breeder may provide a collar, it’s nice to have a special “coming home” collar ready. Keep in mind that depending on the breed, your puppy will grow considerably in the first few weeks and months, and the initial collar will likely be outgrown within six months.

Getting a Head Start

Many dog owners like to have a collar ready to put on their puppy as soon as they arrive home. It’s a good idea to get your puppy used to wearing a collar from day one, as it is a legal requirement for all dogs (with few exceptions) to wear a collar with identification. The earlier you introduce the collar, the quicker your puppy will adapt to it. Therefore, make sure to have a collar for your puppy before they come home, even if you haven’t had a chance to measure them yet.

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Finding the Right Size

The most common question we hear is, “What size collar should I buy for my puppy?” If you let us know your puppy’s breed, we can make an educated assessment of the collar size they will need. We have a puppy collar size chart below that provides recommendations based on the average neck size and weight for each breed. However, if you’re still unsure, you can always purchase two sizes and return the unused one to us.

Puppy Collar Size Chart

Now that you have an idea of what size collar your puppy needs, it’s time to pick the color that best suits their personality! 🌈

Puppy Collar FAQs

What kind of collar is best for a puppy?

For puppies, especially those with short hair, it’s best to choose a soft collar made from a non-abrasive material. Fabric collars are a good option, and if they are breathable and machine washable, even better.

When should a puppy wear a collar?

Even if your puppy is not ready for walks yet, getting them used to wearing a collar early on is a good idea. Collars should be worn most of the time, even at home. However, it’s recommended to take them off for a few hours occasionally to let the skin breathe. For example, you can remove the collar when brushing or bathing your puppy.

Can an 8-week-old puppy wear a collar?

Responsible breeders advise bringing puppies home at around 8 weeks old, and you can start familiarizing them with their collar shortly after. It might be best to let them settle into their new environment before introducing something new, but you can begin getting them used to their collar by their second week at home.

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Should puppies wear collars at night?

Most dog collars are designed to be non-abrasive and safe for puppies to sleep in. Allowing puppies to sleep with their collars on can help them get accustomed to wearing them for extended periods. Although collars should not be worn 24/7, taking them off for a few hours every two days is sufficient. There’s no need to remove their collar every night before bed!

What information should I put on my puppy’s dog collar tag?

According to the Control of Dogs Mandate of 1992, all dogs in public must wear an identification tag that includes the owner’s first name, surname, postcode, and the first line of their address. It’s also recommended to include a contact telephone number in case your dog goes missing. While microchipping is mandatory, tags provide a quicker way to contact you if your dog is found, without the need to scan their microchip first.

We hope our puppy collar size guide has helped you find the perfect fit for your furry friend. If you’d like to explore our complete range of collars, leads, harnesses, and other accessories, visit our online shop. Don’t forget to use the code puppy10 at checkout for 10% off your puppy’s first collar!

If you’re interested in learning more about caring for your puppy, browse the Oscar & Hooch blog for additional articles. We recommend checking out our article on “What Do I Need for a New Puppy?” for more useful tips.

Remember, getting the right collar is an important step in ensuring the comfort and safety of your adorable new companion.

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Stay pawsitive,
Elaine and the Oscar & Hooch team

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