The Secrets of Remote Training Systems: Teaching Recall with an E-Collar

Are you tired of constantly chasing after your dog when you call them? Do you wish there was a way to train them to come back to you effortlessly? Look no further! In this article, we will reveal the secrets of using remote training systems, specifically the E-Collar, to teach your furry friend the perfect recall command. Say goodbye to the days of shouting their name in vain!

The Perfect Fit

Before we dive into the training process, it’s essential to ensure that the E-Collar is properly fitted. You want it to be snug but not too tight. A simple rule of thumb is to leave just enough room for a finger to slide between the strap and your dog’s neck. This ensures both comfort and effectiveness.

Step-by-Step Training

To begin the recall training, equip your dog with a long line or retractable lead attached to their regular collar or harness (not the E-Collar). Now, give your recall command or whistle and simultaneously press and hold the pager or vibrate button on the E-Collar. As you do this, gently guide your dog back towards you using the long line.

Once your dog reaches you, give them a reassuring touch, and at the same time, release the pager button. Repeat this process consistently over the next few days. This way, your dog will begin associating the recall word or whistle with the vibration from the collar. They’ll quickly learn that returning to you stops the collar’s vibration.

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Gradual Distractions

Once your dog has grasped the concept of the collar’s vibration during recall, it’s time to introduce distractions. Take them to a place where they are likely to be tempted to wander off or be easily distracted. Now, gradually reduce the use of the vibrate function on the E-Collar and instead, use the continuous stimulation button.

Observe their reaction to the stimulation and then immediately switch back to the vibrate/pager function. As before, guide them back to you for a touch to stop the collar’s vibration. By doing this, your dog will learn to respond swiftly to the vibrate function because they anticipate the stimulation that follows. They will rush back to you, eager to turn off the collar.

Reinforce and Refine

With consistent training, your dog will start to understand that the stimulation or vibration is coming from you. They will no longer be confused about its source, which is a common issue with poorly trained e-collar usage. This clarity is crucial to prevent them from associating the stimulation with external factors or triggering their instinct to chase or fight.

For optimal results, continue training with the long line for the next ten days. This ensures that your dog fully comprehends the need to return to you to stop the vibration. It’s normal for them to act a bit clingy at first, but this behavior will soon fade away.

Beyond Recall

Congratulations! Your dog is now conditioned to respond to the E-Collar and has mastered the recall command. But that’s not all this training tool can do. With the proper guidance, you can also use the collar to address other unwanted behaviors and reinforce corrections. However, we recommend seeking professional advice before venturing into these areas.

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Remember, building a strong bond between you and your dog is essential throughout the training process. Patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement are keys to success. Now go out there and enjoy the freedom of having a four-legged companion who comes running back to you at your command!

Dog with E-Collar

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Training with E-Collar Video