5 Best Large Dog Raincoats and Waterproof Jackets: Your Guide to Keeping Your Pup Dry in Style

If you’re a devoted dog mom, you know that taking your furry friend out for a walk in the rain is sometimes unavoidable. But don’t let the wet weather dampen your spirits! With the right dog raincoat, you and your pup can stay dry and stylish.

In this article, I’ll help you find the best waterproof jacket for your beloved pooch. Whether you have a large or small dog, there’s a perfect raincoat out there for your furry companion. So let’s dive in and find the ideal raincoat to keep your pup dry and comfortable.

What Style of Waterproof Jacket is Right for Your Large Dog?

When it comes to choosing the right raincoat for your dog, there are a few factors to consider. First and foremost, you’ll want to think about your dog’s breed and coat type. Some breeds are more prone to feeling cold in wet weather, especially those with short hair or a thin coat. For these pups, an insulated waterproof dog coat will provide the extra warmth they need.

On the other hand, large breeds with thick fur like Labradors or Newfoundlands may not need the added insulation. For them, a waterproof raincoat is all about keeping their fur dry and reducing post-walk cleanup.

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5 Best Large Dog Raincoats and Waterproof Coats

I’ve had the pleasure of testing various dog jackets over the years with my own labs. Through my experience, I’ve compiled a list of the five best raincoats for large breed dogs on the market. These jackets not only provide protection from the rain but also offer style and functionality.

Overall Best Waterproof Jacket for Big Dogs: Voyagers K9 Apparel Rain Coat

The Voyagers K9 Apparel Rain Coat is a top-of-the-line waterproof dog raincoat. What makes it stand out is its excellent coverage and ease of use. With this coat, your dog’s face, legs, and paws will be the only parts exposed to the rain.

This raincoat features an easy slide-on head opening, making it a breeze to put on and take off your pup. Additionally, its tough, breathable, and waterproof material ensures durability while keeping your dog comfortable.

Best Dog Raincoat on a Budget: RC Pets Packable Rain Poncho

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that still gets the job done, consider the RC Pets Packable Rain Poncho. This affordable raincoat will keep your dog mostly dry during light rain showers. It features a polyester shell with a waterproof coating and comes in a variety of fun colors.

Though it lacks chest coverage, this poncho has an adjustable belly strap to keep it in place. Keep in mind that the opening to connect a leash may not line up perfectly, so you may need to adjust accordingly. Nevertheless, it’s a reliable option for walks in light rain.

Best Insulated Waterproof Dog Jacket: Wildebeest All Weather Jacket

For chilly morning walks or hikes in cooler climates, the Wildebeest All Weather Jacket is an excellent choice. This dog coat features a waterproof and breathable outer layer and a soft microfleece lining for added insulation.

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What sets this jacket apart is its versatile hood, which can be adjusted to provide more or less coverage to your dog’s head. It also offers an adjustable fit with velcro straps on the neck and belly, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. Reflective strips enhance visibility during nighttime walks.

Best Eco-Conscious Waterproof Large Breed Dog Jacket: Goldpaw Rainpaw II

For environmentally-conscious dog owners, the Goldpaw RainPaw II is the perfect raincoat. It’s made from a waterproof and recycled fabric that’s not only eco-friendly but also soft and quiet. This stylish raincoat features a mesh lining for comfortable wear during warmer rainy days.

With an adjustable neckline and reflective piping, the Goldpaw RainPaw II ensures a customizable fit and increased visibility. It also includes an opening to clip a harness under the jacket for added convenience.

Best Adventure Dog Rain Coat: Hurtta Rain Blocker Eco

If you and your dog love outdoor adventures, the Hurtta Rain Blocker Eco is the perfect raincoat for you. Made from recycled plastic bottles, this eco-version raincoat provides maximum coverage, including leg protection, to keep your dog dry in any weather conditions.

With its adjustable fit and high collar, the Hurtta Rain Blocker Eco offers a snug and secure fit, preventing water from getting in. Reflective trim enhances visibility during nighttime outings. If you have a hard-to-groom dog or simply want to ensure total dryness, this raincoat is a fantastic choice.

Tips for keeping your large breed dog dry in wet weather

Once you’ve found the perfect raincoat for your furry friend, it’s essential to ensure the right fit. A well-fitted raincoat will keep your dog comfortable and prevent water and wind from seeping in.

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To measure your dog correctly, refer to each brand’s size chart. Measure your dog’s length from the base of their tail to between the shoulder blades. Additionally, measure the circumference of their chest at the widest point.

Remember that not all dogs are shaped the same, so it’s crucial to find a raincoat that fits your dog’s unique body shape. Take the time to measure your dog accurately to ensure the best fit.

With the right raincoat, you and your furry friend can enjoy rainy day walks without worrying about wet fur or post-walk cleanup. So don’t let the rain stop you from having outdoor adventures with your beloved pup. Get them a stylish and functional raincoat today!

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