Locals Rally Against Controversial Bay Ridge Pet Store

A small but passionate group of individuals gathered outside Fins, Furs “n” Feathers, a pet store located at 9302 Fourth Avenue in Bay Ridge. Their protest was ignited by a distressing incident involving a dog who was found unconscious and near death after a grooming session at the store. The owners, Chrissy and Nicholas Tzivas, rushed their toy poodle, Junior, to a vet immediately following the incident.

The Tzivas family shared their harrowing experience, revealing that Junior’s grooming session had lasted twice as long as usual. Despite their repeated calls to the store, they were consistently met with delay tactics. Finally, they decided to personally visit the store, only to be confronted with a lifeless dog. Distraught and fearing the worst, they sought immediate veterinary care.

Junior was subsequently transferred to Blue Pearl animal hospital, where he spent six days in the intensive care unit. Kim Tzivas, one of the family members, created a Facebook group called “Close Down Fins, Furs ‘n’ Feathers” to raise awareness about their cause. Expressing their anguish, the Tzivas family stated that Junior now faces a lifetime of seizures and a drastic change in demeanor.

With the goal of preventing further animal suffering, Nicholas Tzivas declared their unwavering objective: to permanently shut down the pet store. They firmly believe that no pet, animal, or family should ever endure such a traumatic ordeal.

During the protest, the store manager, Frankie Generoso, was confronted by the demonstrators. Generoso presented hospital documents to refute the allegations and even offered a tour of the grooming area. He questioned the absence of legal action from the Tzivas family and emphasized that they possessed voicemails from the family’s veterinarian, attesting that the incident was not the fault of the groomers.

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To complicate matters further, some longtime customers of Fins, Furs “n” Feathers also showed up at the protest in support of the store and its groomers. Jennifer Salazar, a loyal customer, attested to the excellent care her dog consistently received at the establishment over the years.

However, this incident is not the first allegation of animal mistreatment associated with this store. Reports indicate that in 2008, a groomer named Bechir Bejaoui was arrested and faced charges of animal cruelty in connection with the alleged abuse of a Burmese cat. Sergeant Michael Murphy, commanding officer of the Animal Cruelty Investigation Squad, confirmed the existence of these reports but could provide no further details regarding the outcome of the case.

Seeking additional information, inquiries were made to the Brooklyn district attorney’s office and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Both entities directed this paper to submit Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests to obtain any court documents linked to Bejaoui.

This incident has sparked a wave of outrage and concern within the local community. As the rally outside Fins, Furs “n” Feathers demonstrated, the collective goal is to protect the well-being of all animals and ensure that incidents like this never happen again.

Dog at Pet Store



The passionate rally against Fins, Furs “n” Feathers by locals in Bay Ridge serves as a powerful testament to the deep-rooted emotions stirred by the incident involving Junior, the toy poodle. The desire to hold the store accountable for their actions and prevent further mistreatment of animals is a strong driving force behind this movement. As the community comes together to demand justice and change, the ultimate goal is to safeguard the welfare of all pets and ensure that no family has to endure the same heart-wrenching experience.

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