Preparing Your Beloved Pets for House Guests

2021 is a year of long-awaited reunions, filled with heartfelt gatherings and joyous celebrations. However, amidst the excitement, we must remember that the holiday season can be overwhelming for our beloved furry companions. As house guests arrive and routines are disrupted, it’s our responsibility as caregivers to ensure a harmonious environment for everyone, including our pets. Starting early is key, and experts recommend taking a few steps to make the holiday season a happy one for all.

Establishing Boundaries

Creating a safe and comfortable space for our pets is crucial. Whether they are cats, dogs, birds, or other species, they all need their own sanctuary where they can retreat and feel secure amidst the hustle and bustle. Consider using crates or baby gates to designate a separate area for your pets. If they don’t already have a designated space, introduce them to one and allow them to become familiar with it. Spend time with them in this area, offering toys and treats to create a positive association. This will become their go-to spot when they need a break from the festivities.

Managing Introductions

Meeting new people can be overwhelming for pets, especially when they come through the front door. To alleviate anxiety, consider placing cats in a safe room when guests arrive, particularly if they are carrying bags. Excitable dogs may benefit from being separated from the initial commotion until everyone has settled in. Introduce them on a leash at their own pace, allowing them to gradually get to know the new arrivals.

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Communicating Expectations

It’s important to let your guests know about your pets’ boundaries. Not all animals are comfortable with affection from strangers, and it’s crucial to respect their preferences. Animals have a way of sensing who is genuinely interested in them, so allow them to initiate new friendships. Educate your guests about the general areas of the house that are shared with the pets and those that should be avoided. Remember, not everyone may be comfortable with pets, so it’s essential to provide alternative spaces for those who prefer some distance. Don’t forget to consider any visitors with allergies.

Keeping Pets Safe from Edibles

Holiday feasts are known for indulgence, and it’s essential to ensure that our four-legged friends are not indulging alongside us. Certain foods are hazardous to pets, and others are simply not meant for their consumption. Keep harmful items out of their reach, such as tinsel, small toys, and plastic. Cats are particularly drawn to shiny, dangling objects and may swallow strings. Be aware of the risks associated with holiday plants, especially poinsettias, and remember that many seasonal snacks, particularly those containing chocolate, can be deadly for dogs. Emphasize to your guests that sticking to the pets’ regular treats instead of sharing table scraps will prevent any upset tummies.

Maintaining Routine

In the flurry of holiday activities, it’s essential not to neglect our pets’ regular care. Walking the dog and providing attention to our feline friends should remain a priority. Involve your guests in activities such as walks with the dog, and educate them on which cats enjoy being petted and which prefer admiration from a distance. Minimize guest access to the pets’ safe spaces as much as possible. If you feel overwhelmed, consider hiring pet sitters or dog walkers to provide relief. In some cases, boarding your pet or using dog daycare can be beneficial, giving them a break from unfamiliar environments and allowing them to socialize and play in a controlled setting.

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By following these guidelines, you can ensure a joyful and stress-free holiday season for both your human and animal family members.