A Guide to Fitting and Training Your Cat’s Collar

A Guide to Fitting and Training Your Cat’s Collar

Welcome to the world of cat collar bliss! If you’ve recently purchased a collar for your feline friend, this guide will help you make the fitting and training process a carefree and successful experience. And if you haven’t gotten your cat a collar yet, don’t worry, it’s never too late to explore the wonderful world of cat collars!

Unveiling the Perfect Package

At first glance, you’ll notice that your new cat collar comes in an adorable little tin, which also doubles as a treat store. Opening the tin is easy – just press the edge where it says ‘push to open’ and watch as the tin pops open, revealing the beautiful collar inside.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Before putting the collar on your cat, it’s essential to ensure the perfect fit. The key is to make sure you can slide one fingertip between the collar and your cat’s body when their fur is compressed. This ensures comfort without the risk of the collar being too loose.

A loose collar can lead to various problems:

  • It’s more likely to get snagged on objects while your cat explores, causing it to come off.
  • A loose collar can be uncomfortable and irritating for your cat, much like a loose watch strap.
  • Most importantly, a loose collar can pose a safety hazard, potentially getting caught in your cat’s mouth or allowing them to slip a limb through it.
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Cat collar fitting

The Art of Opening and Adjusting

When examining the collar, you’ll notice a black buckle with the logo. This breakaway buckle allows for easy opening. Simply grasp either side of the buckle and pull apart to pop it open.

To adjust the collar size, locate the brass adjuster on the collar band. Pulling the adjuster towards the buckle teeth makes the collar longer, while pulling it towards the logo end makes it shorter.

Opening a breakaway cat collar
Changing the size of a breakaway cat collar

The Journey of Cat Collar Training

Introducing your cat to their new collar requires patience and strategic training. Follow these steps for a positive experience:

Step 1 – Start Simple

Remove any accessories initially and let your cat get comfortable with just the plain collar band. You can remove the collar bell or any other accessories by twisting them off. Gradually introduce additional accessories once your cat has embraced the collar itself.

Step 2 – Treats as Incentives

Cats are naturally skeptical of new things, so pairing the collar with their favorite food-based treats can help them overcome any hesitations. Use treats your cat loves to create positive associations with the collar.

Step 3 – Understanding Body Language

Develop a sense of your cat’s body language to gauge their comfort level during training. Green signals a happy and relaxed state, amber indicates uncertainty or mild stress, and red is a zone to avoid as it signifies fear.

Step 4 – Getting Acquainted

In short training sessions, introduce your cat to the sight and smell of the collar. Present the collar at a distance and observe your cat’s reaction. Reward them with a treat when they display green body language signs.

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Step 5 – Building Confidence

Once your cat is comfortable with the collar’s presence, gradually introduce the sensation of wearing it. Start by placing the collar band under their chin without fastening it. Each time your cat stays in the green zone, reward them and gradually increase the height of the collar.

Step 6 – The Moment of Truth

Once your cat is relaxed with the practice runs, it’s time to put the collar on for real. Open the collar, loop it under their chin, and fasten it. If your cat remains in the green zone, reward them and remove the collar.

Step 7 – Gradual Progression

Over subsequent training sessions, lengthen the time your cat wears the collar. Fine-tune the fit and continue rewarding positive behavior. Engage your cat in rewarding activities, like playing with their favorite toy while wearing the collar.

Step 8 – Mission Accomplished!

After a few successful experiences with the collar, your cat will simply forget it’s there. That’s your cue to leave the collar on your cat full-time.

Bonus Step – Accessories Galore

Once your cat is comfortable with the collar, you can introduce additional accessories, such as ID tags or bells. Follow the same process of pairing the sight and smell of the accessories with rewards, gradually increasing exposure over time.

Remember these Key Points

Two essential things to keep in mind:

  • Re-check the collar’s fit periodically to ensure it maintains the one fingertip space.
  • Remove the collar before applying any topical spot-on treatments, such as flea medications, and wait 48 hours after treatment before putting the collar back on.
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