Instagram’s Most Fashionable Pets

Instagram’s Most Fashionable Pets

Are you in need of some fresh fashion inspiration for your Instagram feed? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best-dressed pets on Instagram that will surely add some style and flair to your timeline.

Super Corgi Jo Jo – @supercorgi_jojo

Meet JoJo, the world’s only surfing corgi! Not only does he travel the world and shred waves, but he also serves as a therapy dog, spreading joy wherever he goes.

Menswear Dog – @mensweardog

Bodhi, also known as Menswear Dog, is undeniably the most fashionable dog in the world. With a staggering 372k Instagram followers, Bodhi has graced the pages of prestigious publications such as The New York Times, GQ, and Time magazine.

Menswear Dog

Reagan Doodle – @reagandoodle

Feeling down on a Monday? Reagan Doodle is here to brighten your day! Follow him for daily posts of playtime, delicious meals, and adorable dances with his toddler best friend. And let’s not forget about their matching outfits!

Reagan Doodle

Dobby – @dobbythedevon

Aww… Look at those pizza pajamas! Dobby may be young, only one year old, but he has already garnered an impressive following of 23.5k. It’s easy to see why with his incredibly cute outfits.


Agador – @poochofnyc

If you’re looking for relatable content, Agador is your go-to. From Starbucks runs to cozy wine nights in bed, this stylish pup provides daily style and lifestyle inspiration with an overwhelming amount of cuteness.

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Remix – @remixthedog

Remix not only has a cool name and impeccable style, but he also has a big heart. This sweet pup has his own charity dedicated to supporting humane societies, rescues, and other dog-centered organizations.


Jade & Dexter – @jadeandexterduo

The dynamic duo of Jade and Dexter are always seen rocking stylish hand-sewn neckwear from Hoot & Co. This local Colorado company creates fashionable accessories for dogs and humans, making them an unbeatable pairing.

Jade and Dexter

Chesney Hawkins – @chesneythedogo

Chesney Hawkins, a proud member of the #noshoenation, is the perfect follow for those who want to be both fashionable and adventurous. With his unique style and zest for life, Chesney is sure to inspire you.

Chesney Hawkins

Lana & Luke – @@lanaandluke

This Cali dreamin duo, Lana and Luke, will melt your heart. With a new outfit for every day of the week, these two bring sweetness and style to your Instagram feed.

Lana and Luke

Samson – @samsonthedood

Samson is the epitome of goals. Catch him cruising the streets of NYC with his furry friends and enjoying weekends by the pool with a refreshing drink in hand.


These fashionable pets are taking Instagram by storm, showcasing their unique styles and capturing the hearts of their followers. If you’re looking for some fashion inspiration for yourself or your furry friend, be sure to give them a follow. And if you’re looking for stylish accessories for your pet, check out Karen’s Kollars for some paw-some options.