12 DIY Cat Collar Ideas to Showcase Your Kitty’s Style

Cats love to stay at the forefront of fashion, but buying stylish collars can be costly. Thankfully, you can create your own DIY cat collars that are unique and affordable. Whether you’re a crafting novice or an experienced DIY enthusiast, there’s a collar plan that suits your skill level. So, let’s dive into these 12 creative ideas and get your cat ready to strut their stuff!

Choosing the Perfect Collar Plan

Before we explore the collar plans, it’s essential to consider which type suits you best. We’ve categorized the plans into three sections to match your crafting expertise.

No-Sew Plans

If you’re new to crafting or don’t have any sewing knowledge, these plans are perfect for you. They require no sewing and are super easy to make. You can create fashionable collars using materials like old shirts and scissors.

Minimal Sewing Plans

For those with a basic understanding of sewing, these plans are a great option. While sewing machines aren’t necessary, you’ll need a sewing kit to complete these collars. They offer more customization and style options.

Advanced Plans

If you have extensive crafting experience and love a challenge, these plans are for you. They require expertise and additional supplies. With these collars, you’ll be able to showcase your creativity and make fashionable, store-quality designs.

The 12 DIY Cat Collar Plans

  1. Shirt Collar By Makeover Meow:
    This plan is perfect for pet parents who prefer a straightforward collar without any accessories. All you need is an old shirt and scissors to create a fashion statement for your cat.

  2. Belt Collar By chezlin:
    Transform an old belt into a trendy collar for your cat. Simply shorten the strap and add new holes with a leather hole punch so you can fasten it securely.

  3. Friendship Bracelet Collar By Hands Occupied:
    Create matching collars for you and your cat using knotted friendship bracelets. You’ll need some collar hardware to make it sturdy, but this plan requires no special tools.

  4. DIY Cat Collar By Made on Maidstone:
    Break out your sewing kit for this customizable collar plan. You can choose different fabrics and even add some bedazzling to make it truly unique.

  5. DIY Cat Collar with Bow by Rachel Weiland:
    Show off your cat’s elegance with an adorable collar adorned with a bow tie. Minimal sewing skills are required to bring this collar plan to life.

  6. Homemade Cat Collar By Third stop on the right:
    This collar plan requires sewing expertise but offers endless customization options. Create a collar that’s as good as store-bought ones, but with your personal touch.

  7. Crochet Cat Collar by Laia Crochet:
    If you’re skilled in crochet, this plan is for you. By using acrylic yarn and buttons, you can crochet a fluffy neck cuff that will make your cat the center of attention.

  8. Cat Bandana Collar by Karma & Kismet:
    This project requires advanced sewing skills, but even beginners can give it a try. You can adjust the dimensions and create a unique bandana collar for any feline breed.

  9. DIY Pet Necktie by Skillfully Yours Maris:
    Embrace the trend of cat neckties with this fun project. You can use fabric from an old shirt and create a cute piece for your cat. It’s a great opportunity for a fun project with your kids too.

  10. DIY Crochet Pet Cat Collar With Ribbon and Bell by DIYPurrPaw:
    Utilize leftover cotton yarn to crochet a fancy collar for your cat. The more colorful, the better! You can also attach standard D-rings and buckles for added security.

  11. DIY Adjustable Pet Collar by She Sews:
    Create a collar that grows with your kitten using adjustable features. Sew up a matching leash or headband for a complete set of cat accessories.

  12. DIY Alternative to the Elizabethan Collar by Mowdish:
    Make a comfortable padded collar as an alternative to the plastic cone, especially after surgery. Ensure it provides coziness without coming off and keeps your cat safe.

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Crafting your own cat collar is a wonderful way to customize your cat’s accessories and show your love. No matter which plan you choose, your cat will appreciate the thought and effort you put into their unique collar. So, get creative and let your cat’s style shine!

Final Thoughts:
Crafting your own DIY cat collar not only saves money but also allows you to unleash your creativity. Show the world your bond with your cat by creating a custom collar made with love. Remember, safety should always be a priority, so consider using breakaway buckles to ensure your cat’s well-being. Start crafting today and let your cat strut their stuff with a collar as unique as they are!

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