The Dangers of Feeding Your Dog Alcohol: Lessons from ‘Love Is Blind’

The Dangers of Feeding Your Dog Alcohol: Lessons from ‘Love Is Blind’


In the chaotic world of reality TV, where engagements happen within days of meeting, there’s always room for a shocking twist. On the popular Netflix show “Love Is Blind,” one contestant named Jessica took her unusual behavior to a new level when she fed her beloved Golden Retriever red wine straight from her glass. While some might find this amusing, it’s important to understand why feeding alcohol to dogs is not just a bad idea, but also potentially harmful.

The Hazards of Alcohol for Dogs

Let’s clear the air right away: never, under any circumstances, should you expose your pets to alcohol. Jessica May, the lead veterinarian at video vet service FirstVet, warns that alcohol can cause a range of issues in dogs, including confusion, vomiting, alcohol poisoning, seizures, heart attacks, and even death. Wine, with its relatively high alcohol content, poses an even higher risk to dogs compared to other alcoholic beverages like beer or cider.

Cruelty and Danger in Feeding Alcohol to Dogs

When a dog ingests alcohol, it affects them similarly to humans who have overindulged. They may become disoriented, lethargic, experience excessive panting, or develop a high temperature. In severe cases of alcohol poisoning, dogs may suffer muscle tremors, seizures, or loss of consciousness. These symptoms demand immediate veterinary attention.

Some dog owners might find it funny or harmless to give their dogs alcohol, but according to a dog photography group called Puptrait Studio, it is actually cruel and dangerous. Even small amounts of alcohol can lead to life-threatening levels of toxicity, which can cause conditions like metabolic acidosis. Metabolic acidosis involves damage to body cells, incontinence, slowed heart rate, and potentially even heart attacks.

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Prevention and Alternatives

It’s crucial to remember that dogs have no natural inclination to enjoy alcohol. While accidental consumption is unlikely, it’s best to keep glasses of wine out of your pet’s reach. Clean up any spills immediately, and never purposefully offer alcohol to your dog. Offering them alcohol can signal that it’s acceptable to drink such substances, even if a glass is left unattended on a table.

For dog owners who still want their furry friends to join in the festivities, there are pet-friendly and alcohol-free alternatives available in the market, such as Pawsecco and Woof & Brew dog beer. These options allow for safe and enjoyable experiences for both pets and owners.


While reality TV can be a source of entertainment and intrigue, it’s essential to distinguish between what is acceptable and what can potentially harm our four-legged companions. Feeding alcohol to dogs, as seen on “Love Is Blind,” is a recipe for disaster. Instead, let’s focus on creating safe and enjoyable experiences for our pets, free from the dangers of alcohol. Remember, our pets trust us to make the best choices for their well-being, so let’s not disappoint them.

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