Unveiling the Secrets: A Closer Look at Guest Reviews on Perry Road

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when you read guest reviews? How are the scores calculated? And what measures are taken to ensure the authenticity of those reviews? Today, we’ll dive into the fascinating world of online reviews and uncover the mysteries surrounding their creation.

The Numbers Game: Calculating Overall Scores

Each review score you see is meticulously calculated to provide an accurate representation of the guest’s experience. By aggregating all the review scores received and dividing them by the total number of reviews, an overall score is generated. But that’s not the only aspect taken into account.

Subscores: The Key to Detailed Evaluation

Guests have the opportunity to give separate “subscores” in essential areas such as location, cleanliness, staff, comfort, facilities, value for money, and free Wi-Fi. These subscores add depth to the evaluation, providing valuable insights into specific aspects of the accommodation.

Authenticity First: Battling Fake Reviews

To maintain the integrity of the reviews on our platform, we have implemented both human and automated systems dedicated to detecting fake reviews. If any suspicious activity is identified, we take swift action by deleting the fraudulent reviews and, if necessary, pursuing further measures against those responsible.

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Your Voice Matters: Reporting Suspicious Content

We firmly believe in the power of the community. If you come across any review that seems questionable, don’t hesitate to report it to our Customer Service team. Our dedicated Fraud team will investigate the matter promptly and thoroughly. Together, we can ensure the transparency and trustworthiness of the review system.

The Fine Line: Review Publication Guidelines

The ideal scenario would be to publish every review we receive, whether positive or negative. However, to maintain a respectful and informative environment, there are certain types of content we cannot display. This includes politically sensitive comments, promotional content, illegal activities, personal or sensitive information, inappropriate language, spam, fake content, animal cruelty, impersonation, and violations of our review guidelines.

Time Plays a Role: Review Acceptance and Visibility

To ensure the relevance of the reviews, we only accept those submitted within three months of the checkout date. Additionally, reviews may cease to be displayed after 36 months or if the accommodation undergoes a change of ownership. By implementing these time-based measures, we can prioritize recent experiences and adapt to any changes in the property.

A Dialogue Begins: Accommodation Responses

Accommodations have the option to reply to reviews, opening up a channel of communication between guests and property owners. This interaction allows for constructive conversations and provides further insights into the guest experience.

Unveiling the Past: Sorting and Filtering Reviews

When multiple reviews exist, the most recent ones take precedence, considering other factors such as language, comments, and ratings. However, if you prefer a different approach, feel free to sort and filter the reviews according to your preferences, such as the time of year or review score.

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The Wider Perspective: External Review Scores

In some cases, we may display external review scores from well-known travel websites. Rest assured, we always make it clear when such scores are provided from external sources, ensuring transparency and minimizing any confusion.

Guidelines and Standards for Reviews: What You Need to Know

At Booking.com, our guidelines and standards serve as the backbone of our review system. They aim to maintain a relevant and family-friendly environment, respecting all opinions regardless of sentiment. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Contributions should be travel-related, helping others make better decisions.
  • Promotional content and issues concerning Booking.com’s services should be directed to our Customer Service or Accommodation Service teams.
  • Contributions should be appropriate for a global audience, avoiding hate speech, discrimination, threats, explicit remarks, violence, and the promotion of illegal activity.
  • All content should be original, unbiased, and genuinely reflective of the guest’s experience. Booking.com property partners are prohibited from posting on behalf of guests or offering incentives for reviews.
  • Respect the privacy of others. Personal details should remain confidential and not be shared in reviews.
  • The opinions expressed in contributions belong to Booking.com customers and properties and do not reflect those of Booking.com. Booking.com assumes no responsibility or liability for any reviews or responses.
  • By default, reviews are sorted based on date and relevance, taking into account factors such as language, text, and anonymity. Additional sorting options may be available, catering to specific preferences.

Translations Disclaimer: A Word of Caution

To facilitate accessibility, some translations within the service may be powered by Google. However, it is important to note that Google disclaims all warranties related to these translations. While efforts are made to ensure accuracy, any discrepancies or inaccuracies are not the responsibility of Booking.com.

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Now that we’ve peeled back the curtain on the intricate world of guest reviews, you can dive into the information with a renewed sense of understanding and appreciation. Remember, your voice matters, and your contributions help shape the experiences of fellow travelers. So, let your thoughts be heard, and let’s continue building a community founded on trust and transparency.


Karen’s Kollars