Super Strong Retractable Tape Dog Lead Large

Reliable Control Retractable Tape Dog Lead Large for Unleashed Walking Pleasure

Are you tired of struggling to keep your large dog under control during walks? Look no further! The retractable tape dog lead large is the ultimate solution for dog owners who want to enjoy the freedom of walking their energetic pets without compromising their authority. This reliable gear ensures that you remain the authoritative leader while your furry friend roams, sniffs, and explores to their heart’s content.

Unmatched Comfort and Durability

Walking long distances with your dog has never been more enjoyable. The soft grip handle of the retractable tape dog lead large offers a comfortable and lightweight experience. Made with strong and durable plastic, this lead guarantees reliability and longevity.

Enhanced Safety Features

Safety is a top priority, especially when walking your dog in low-light conditions. The Flexi neon dog lead incorporates ultra-bright yellow reflective leash tape, making your dog more visible and protecting both of you from accidents during dusk walks. Furthermore, this retractable dog leash for big dogs is crafted from endurable, water-, stretch-, and tear-proof nylon, ensuring that you can walk your dog in any weather condition. Even if it’s raining, you won’t hesitate to take your furry friend out thanks to the leash’s dirt-repellent features.

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Unleash Joyful Moments with Flexi Comfort Dog Lead

Embrace the positive moments with your dog by choosing the Flexi comfort dog lead with retractable tape. Let your dog experience the joy of exploring while you maintain full control. No need to unfasten the lead to let your dog roam freely. Simply click the button to release the tape and extend the lead effortlessly. The strong locking mechanism ensures that your dog remains safely within your reach.

Secure and Reliable Dog Handling

Rest assured that your dog is secure with the sturdy snap hook provided with our chew-proof extending dog lead. Plated with rust-resistant chrome, the snap hook ensures easy attachment to your dog’s collar or harness, preventing any accidental unlocking.

Key Features of this Dog Lead:

  • Durable construction
  • High-strength waterproof tape
  • Soft grip handle
  • Strong plastic housing
  • Non-chewable materials
  • Short-stop one-handed braking system
  • Convenient lock button
  • Fast retraction with no tangle
  • Strong snap hook
  • Assembled by hand
  • Top-quality product – made in Germany

Intended Use of this Dog Lead:

  • Suitable for daily walks
  • Designed for large breed dogs weighing up to 110 lbs (50 kgs)


  • Large in size
  • 16.5 fts (5 m) long tape lead
  • Approximately 0.9 lbs (420 g) in weight

Available Colors:

  • Grey housing and neon yellow leash

Top-Quality Extending Dog Leashes from Adorable Brand Flexi

Flexi retractable leashes are renowned for their exceptional quality and are proudly manufactured in Germany. Each leash is meticulously assembled by hand and undergoes rigorous quality checks before leaving the factory. The Flexi principle is to provide dog owners with freedom and joy during walks, ensuring a pleasant experience for both you and your furry companion.

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Order the extending walking dog leash for your large dog today and experience the unmatched quality and performance that Flexi offers. For small and medium dogs, check out our other dog leads by following the links below: