PAWS Adoption Policy: Find Your Perfect Furry Companion Today!

Are you ready to welcome a furry friend into your home? Look no further than PAWS – Rutherford County, TN! Our adoption process is designed to ensure that every pet finds a loving forever home. Let’s dive into the details!

Dogs: A Tail-Wagging Adventure Awaits!

Our adoption fees for puppies and dogs vary based on factors such as age, length of stay at the shelter, and the services provided by PAWS. Rest assured, the fee covers essential vaccinations, deworming, a rabies shot, heartworm testing (if applicable), and spaying/neutering. Plus, we have monthly adoption specials that you won’t want to miss! Check out our homepage for upcoming events and special offers.

Kitty Image

Cats: Name Your Own Price Meow!

To help manage our large number of cats and kittens, we are offering a ‘name your own price’ option for cat adoptions. This way, you can decide what works best for you while still providing a loving home to a feline friend.

Your Guide to Adopting a Pet from PAWS:

  • You must be 18 years or older and present a current driver’s license or state ID to adopt a pet.
  • For renters, please have proof of pet deposit, accepted breed/weight information, and any other necessary documentation before the adoption process.
  • Make sure all your currently owned pets, as well as those residing on the property, are up to date on rabies vaccinations.
  • If you have a dog, we encourage you to bring them along for a “meet & greet” with our shelter dogs. Our staff will guide you through the process.
  • Don’t forget to bring all children under 18 years of age, as we recommend everyone in the household be present to meet potential new furry family members.
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Once your application is approved, you may be able to take your new pet home the same day. We accept cash, checks, and now credit/debit cards (with a small convenience fee of $2.00 for the latter). Please note that checks must have your current address matching your driver’s license, and credit/debit card payments can only be made by the account/card holder.

Unveiling the PAWS Experience

At PAWS, we prioritize the well-being of our animals and want to ensure that each adoption experience is personal and meaningful. Therefore, we conduct adoption applications and interviews at our shelter—unfortunately, we cannot accept online applications. To allow ample time for choosing the perfect pet and completing the adoption process, we recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before closing time.

Find Your Future Companion Today!

Are you excited to embark on this wonderful journey of pet adoption? Visit our Karen’s Kollars website and explore our adorable pets waiting for their forever homes. Trust us, the love and companionship they provide will make every moment worthwhile!