Karen’s Kollars: The Ultimate Flea and Tick Protection for Small Dogs

Introducing Karen’s Kollars, the revolutionary solution to keep your small dogs safe and protected from fleas and ticks. Say goodbye to those irritating parasites that can cause discomfort and health issues for your furry friends. With Karen’s Kollars, your dog can enjoy a worry-free and itch-free life!

A Simple and Effective Solution

Karen’s Kollars are designed with convenience in mind. It’s as easy as putting a collar on your dog’s neck. Simply remove the collar from the bag, unroll it, and ensure there are no remnants of plastic connectors inside. Then, insert the end of the collar through the buckle and adjust it comfortably around your dog’s neck. Remember, it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Just the perfect fit!

seresto dog collar instructions

Unbeatable Protection and Visibility

The collar provides an 8-month protection period, ensuring your dog remains safe from fleas and ticks. To enhance your dog’s visibility in the dark, Karen’s Kollars also come with three reflector clips that can be easily attached to the collar. These reflector clips not only add a touch of style but also increase your dog’s visibility, ensuring their safety during nighttime walks. Just fix the clips on the non-overlapping part of the collar, and you’re good to go!

Application Tips and Care

It’s important to check the collar periodically and adjust the fit if necessary, especially for growing puppies. Occasionally, mild application site reactions may occur, such as scratching, redness, or hair loss. However, fret not! These reactions usually recover within 1-2 weeks without removing the collar. In rare cases, temporary collar removal and bathing may be recommended until the symptoms disappear. As an additional safety measure, ensure consulting your veterinarian if your dog is on medication before using any new product.

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Ensuring Your Dog’s Comfort

Karen’s Kollars are designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. In case of any unforeseen circumstances, the collar is equipped with a release mechanism that allows for quick release, ensuring your dog’s safety. Plus, the collar can be easily adjusted to accommodate your dog’s growth, making it suitable for puppies as well. With Karen’s Kollars, your dog can enjoy optimal tick and flea protection without any discomfort.

Storage and Safety Precautions

To maintain the collar’s effectiveness, it’s important to keep it in the bag and in the outer packaging until use. As with any pesticide product, it’s crucial to ensure that small children do not play with the collar or reflectors. Also, avoid any contact with eyes, skin, or clothing. In case of contact, wash thoroughly with soap and cold water. If you or your pet has sensitivity reactions to the collar’s ingredients, it’s best to avoid any contact. Remember, the collar is intended for external use on dogs only and should not be used on other animals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Seresto®

  • When can I bathe my dog after applying Seresto® for dogs? We recommend bathing your dog before applying the product. Seresto® is water-resistant and remains effective even after exposure to water, such as swimming or rain. For the collar’s optimal performance, dogs should not be bathed more than once per month. So, feel free to give your furry companion a refreshing bath without worrying about compromising the collar’s efficacy!

  • How often can I allow my dog to swim when using Seresto® for dogs? Seresto® is water-resistant and remains effective even after swimming. Your dog can enjoy their swim sessions, and the collar will continue to protect them against fleas and ticks. No need to remove the collar before swimming!

  • How often can I bathe my dog when using Seresto® for dogs? It’s recommended to bathe your dog before applying the monthly product. Once your pet is towel-dried, you can apply the product without any issues. For bathing, we suggest using non-stripping shampoos specifically designed for pets. These shampoos are gentle on the skin and won’t compromise the collar’s effectiveness. Remember, there’s no need to remove the collar for bathing!

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Don’t let fleas and ticks harm your beloved small dogs. Choose Karen’s Kollars for unbeatable protection and peace of mind. Invest in the best and give your furry friend the gift of a comfortable and tick-free life. Order your Karen’s Kollars today at https://karenskollars.net/!