The Ultimate Dog Training Tool: Contain + Train

If you’re a dog owner, you know that training and managing your furry friend can require a whole arsenal of tools. From e-collars to In-Ground Fence™ systems and bark collars, it’s a lot to keep track of. But what if there was one tool that could do it all? Introducing the SportDOG Brand® Contain + Train™, the all-in-one solution for every dog owner.

A Training Toolbox at Your Fingertips

Boundary Training, General Training, and Hunting – these are the three main scenarios where dog owners require specialized tools. Let’s break them down and see how the Contain + Train™ can work wonders.

Boundary Training Made Easy

Setting boundaries for your dog is crucial, especially when they’re outdoors. With the Contain + Train™ system, you can create an In-Ground Fence™ that covers up to 100 acres. No more worrying about your dog wandering off! The system comes with flags as boundary markers, a Collar Receiver, and an Add-A-Dog® Collar Receiver for multiple dogs. The best part? You don’t even need a Remote Transmitter for this training.

Master General Training

Whether you’re teaching your dog to retrieve a bird or simply sit on command, an e-collar can be a game-changer. The Contain + Train™ system allows you to have complete control over your dog, both on and off-leash. The immediate correction capability of the e-collar speeds up the training process, making it more efficient than ever.

Unleash the Hunter Within

For hunting enthusiasts, effective communication with your dog is paramount. Voice and whistle commands can only go so far, especially during long retrieves. That’s where the Contain + Train™ system shines. The e-collar and Remote Transmitter provide seamless communication in the field, eliminating the need for chasing after your dog or resorting to loud calls. With the Contain + Train™, you’ll be able to focus on the hunt, knowing that your dog is always within reach.

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The Contain + Train Advantage

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple tools. The SportDOG Brand® Contain + Train™ is the ultimate all-in-one solution for every dog owner. Not only does it function as a boundary trainer and in-yard trainer, but it also serves as a communication tool during hunting or outdoor adventures.

With a range of 500 yards, the Collar Receiver and Remote Transmitter can be used both inside and outside the boundary. The system is even compatible with various existing models of SportDOG Brand Remote Transmitters, so chances are, you can use it with the SportDOG® products you already own.

Imagine having one tool that covers all your training needs, whether it’s boundary training, general training, or hunting. The Contain + Train™ makes it possible.

SportDOG Contain + Train
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Now you can simplify your dog training routine and enjoy the benefits of a versatile and efficient tool. Get your hands on the SportDOG Brand® Contain + Train™ and experience the difference it can make in shaping your dog into the best-behaved companion.