The Game-Changing Remote Trainer for Small Dogs

Are you tired of your furry friend’s mischievous behavior? Look no further – we’ve got the perfect solution for you! Introducing the PACDOG EXT+, the long-range remote trainer designed specifically for mini and small dogs. With an impressive range of 3km, this trainer empowers you to address your dog’s behavior with pinpoint accuracy, all without them realizing the correction is coming from their e-collar.

The Art of Effective Training

The key to successful training lies in ensuring that your dog associates the correction with your voice command or whistle, creating a seamless connection between their actions and your guidance. The PACDOG EXT+ achieves just that. Its tone/vibration or level of correction serves as a warning to your furry pal, signaling something they need to avoid “out there.” Startling enough to capture their attention, the correction prompts them to return to you for praise and attention.

Tailored to Suit Your Needs

The PACDOG Kit comes bundled with the EXT+ handset, which can effortlessly accommodate the simultaneous training of up to two dogs. Additionally, it includes a specialized Miniature/Small Dog Training Collar, perfectly suited for smaller breeds like Bichon Frisés or Cockapoos. Our weight guide recommends this collar for dogs weighing 3.5kg and above. If you need extra collars, we’ve got you covered! Check out the “Addons to Consider” section below for more options. You’ll find a compatibility chart among the product pictures, ensuring you choose the right collar for your handset.

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Remember, the e-collar in the kit comes with a charger. However, if you require additional collars or different collar options, make sure to select the “With Charger” option accordingly.

TOP TIP: Did you know that you can personalize your PACDOG EXT2 handset by matching the colored back and blue buttons with a matching strap? This feature makes training multiple dogs a breeze. When ordering extra collars, simply let us know in the ORDER COMMENTS box at checkout, and we’ll happily substitute the standard black strap with a blue one upon your request.

Say Goodbye to Persistent Problems

This revolutionary training system is designed to tackle a wide range of persistent issues. Whether your dog is prone to chasing farm animals, cars, joggers, walkers, cyclists, or even postmen – the PACDOG EXT+ has got you covered. It’s also an effective solution for dogs that tend to jump up on people, steal food, or exhibit poor recall behavior. With this system, you can put an end to over-enthusiastic barking and leash-pulling. It even caters to gundogs that need a bit of reining in.


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Discover the power of the PACDOG EXT+ and transform your training sessions into a rewarding experience for both you and your beloved four-legged companion. Don’t miss out on this game-changing tool – visit Karen’s Kollars today!